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Our products are placed in major establishments in over hundred locations such as supermarket chains, specialty grocers stores, corporate customer and various food service channels. We are partnered with some of the biggest air and sea freight forwarders to ensure a seamless supply chain. Moreover, we have the accredited warehouse facilities and logistical expertise to handle our customer needs in order to ensure the highest service standards among the market. As such, we have the expertise to meet your logistics and delivery requirements.

Our Distribution

Our sales and marketing team are formed with a group of goal orientated, self driven, passionate individuals with an ownership attitude to the company. We are a team are highly skilled sales and marketing professionals with decades of experience in building strong consumer brands. We are also equipped with up-to-date knowledge on market trend and creative social media strategies. We works hard on analysing the market data regularly to ensure effective marketing strategy, advertising and promotional activities to increase the brand's in-store visibility and sales.

Our Sales and Marketing Team

We also own TUCK, an online concept store where you can find your favourite confectionery brand from Europe. They are made available in Singapore and Malaysia.

Our e-Concept Stores

Our Company, Richoco Pte Ltd, were established in 2015, with a vision to be a leading importer and distributor of high quality consumable food product, which bring benefit to our end consumers. We source, import, and distribute high quality consumable food products from all over the world.Our products are imported by both air and sea freight depending on the nature of the products and the requirements of the ever increasing  demands of our customers. 

About Richoco Pte Ltd

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