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The Great British Crisp

The Great British Crisp Company is part of Warrens Bakery, which has produced potato snacks since 1860. To create our Great British flavours we hand cook small batches in sunflower oil and season them with Britain’s finest natural ingredients, which include pure Cornish Sea salt. Our Cornish potatoes are renowned for their quality and every crisp is sliced carefully to ensure a perfect crunch.

Flavour available : Fish & Chip / Tikka Masala/ English Breakfast / Cornish Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar / Cornish Sea salt & Black Pepper

Pierre Biscuiterie

In the French countryside of Normandy, Pierre has been making cookies since the 19th century. Pierre Biscuiterie is still family-owned and continues this legacy of simplicity, naturalness and pleasure. We commit every day to offer the best tasty cookies made from premium and natural ingredients that we carfully source from local suppliers as much as we can. Bon appétit!

Flavour available : Lemon and Almond Butter Cookies/ Mixed Berries Butter Cookies / Sea Salt Caramel Butter Cookies

Alo Drink

Be yourself and drink accordingly with ALO Drink beverages. We don’t skimp on the quality of our ingredients–what you see is what you taste. Our drinks start with real aloe vera that we hand pick on our organic farm. You get all of the benefits of real aloe vera because our juice and pulp never come from powder, only our pure, powerful plant. Choose your flavor and enjoy ALO Drink!

Flavour Available : Exposed (Aloe Vera with Honey) / Allure ( Alore Vera with Mangosteen and Mango) / Appeal (Aloe Vera with Pomelo, Lemon and Pink Grapefruit) / Comfort (Aloe Vera with Watermelon & Peach)

Buckingham English Fruit Cake

Buckingham specialise in ready-to-eat, traditional English cakes, baked to classic recipes. Distinctively packaged for long shelf-life and strong gift appeal. Each cake is handmade, placed in a paper liner and baked in its own tin. It is then vacuum-sealed, capturing all its flavour, aroma and freshness. The cake remains deliciously soft, moist and springy, fresh as the day it was baked. Ready to be enjoyed anywhere in the world. Each tin comes with a re-sealable plastic lid, this will keep the cake fresh for up to 14 days after opening.

Flavour available : Buckingham English Fruit Cake without whisky / Buckingham English Fruit Cake with whisky.

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